About Annette

Cairns Artist Annette James

Annette James lives with her family in one of the worlds most exotic locations, Cairns, Queensland, Australia where Tropical Heritage Rainforest meet the crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  Annette’s role as an artist showcases this unique environment  painting sunset skies, aqua waters, coral sand cays, the darting tropical fish, the chattering flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets with their palate of berries in the tree tops.  Capturing this vision using brilliant acrylic colours with tropical essence, creating a unique gallery of works.   Visitors to the Far North of Queensland will find Annette’s work in the Hotel room Insight book, selected Gallery’s and tourist destinations in and around Cairns.   A range of souvenirs and gifts are produced from the artworks by her own company Tropical Souvenirs  distributing from Cairns and South to the Whitsunday’s.  Annette’s souvenirs have reached the International audience showcasing the Tropical Paradise and the unique flora and fauna of Australia.   Visit her gallery just a few minutes drive from the city by appointment.