The Cassowary

11279_02-04.tifThe Cassowary lives in Far North Queensland rainforests and is the 3rd largest flightless bird in the world.  Descended directly from the dinosaurs about 80 million years ago and receiving its name from Papua New Guinea ‘Kasu’ meaning horned and ‘weri’ meaning head.  This endangered species has less than 1,000 left in the wild and plays a vital role in dispersing seeds in its droppings and supporting the vital echo systems of the rainforests.  Numbers have dropped due to human inhabitants,  dogs, wild pigs, cyclones and vehicle strikes.    The original of this painting is 600 x600mm $1,800.00 and  exhibiting at the Tanks Art Gallery until the 26thApril 2015.  This painting has been reproduced into Limited edition prints, Tea Towels, Placemats , coasters and fridge magnets.

Kookaburras at the Henry Ross Lookout

kookaburras at the Henry Ross 008The Henry Ross Lookout is on the Kuranda range between Cairns and Kuranda. A great view of some of Cairns mountains and looking out over the Great Barrier Reef.  You will also see the Cairns airport , Machans and Holloways Beach, Freshwater, Aeroglen Stratford, the Barron River and the Captain Cook Highway. The Kookaburras and the Ulysses butterfly amongst some pretty weeds in the foreground.  for sale $995

Lazy Sunday

Lazy SundayThis Koala is eating the leaves from the eucalyptus tree but these flowers are  –  harmful to the koalas and only put in the painting for a splash of colour.  Did you know that a Koala is not a Bear, its a Marsupial.  Also,  Koalas have fingerprints the same as humans which makes them one of the most unique creatures on earth.  This little Koala painting is 14″ Wide X 11 ” high and $650.

Koala Hugs

Koala HugsKoala  Mother hugging her baby.  Baby Koalas are called Cubs – they live in mothers pouch for about 5 months.  They drink milk from their mother and at 1 month old it is about 1 cm long.  A Koala is not a Bear it is in fact a Marsupial unique to Australia. Koalas can live up to 20 years old.

$480.00    14″ X 11″

Koalas and Ulysses

11429_01-02.tifWhen you visit Cairns there are many places you can actually have your photograph taken hugging a Koala.    This Koala is sitting amongst the eucalyptus flowers and he is looking at the irridecent blue butterfly known as the ulysses which is unique to Cairns and the Far North Queenslands peninsula.


Prince of the tropical garden ‘Frederick’ the white lipped tree frog,  sitting on a red ‘Lady Di’ heliconia flower and stalking a blue dragonfly.  This painting is 16″ X 20″




In the Far North of Queensland in the Rainforest and suburban gardens lives the White Lipped Green Tree Frog. This is the largest tree frog in the world,  growing up to 5.5” long and living for up to 10 years old.  They make a bark sound when they are calling out to their mate or they can meow like a cat when they are in trouble.  This one pictured here I have named ‘Felicity’ sitting on a tropical flower, the Heliconia “Psittacorum” or commonly known as the Parrots Beak Plant.






FrancescaMy home in Cairns is surrounded with a beautiful tropical garden which is also the home of the White Lipped Tree Frogs. They are a pleasure to have about and they give a sense of  tranquility to the garden.  This one I have named ‘Francesca’ and is giving ‘the look’ that sometimes humans give you.  Francesca is sitting on the Heliconia Flower commonly know as the Parrots Beak.







‘Fiona’ would have to be the most cutest of all the frog paintings.  The White Lipped Tree Frogs can be seen hopping from plant to plant at night around the garden on their hunt for little flying insects.  This is the best time to spot them or to photograph them as during the day they become like an ornament.  ‘Fiona” is pictured here sitting on a Heliconia flower the Psittacorum or commanly known as the Parrots Beak Plant.   For more Frog paintings and information be sure to check out ‘Felicity’ and ‘Francesca’.




Return of the Rainbows