Lazy Sunday

Lazy SundayThis Koala is eating the leaves from the eucalyptus tree but these flowers are  –  harmful to the koalas and only put in the painting for a splash of colour.  Did you know that a Koala is not a Bear, its a Marsupial.  Also,  Koalas have fingerprints the same as humans which makes them one of the most unique creatures on earth.  This little Koala painting is 14″ Wide X 11 ” high and $650.

Koala Hugs

Koala HugsKoala  Mother hugging her baby.  Baby Koalas are called Cubs – they live in mothers pouch for about 5 months.  They drink milk from their mother and at 1 month old it is about 1 cm long.  A Koala is not a Bear it is in fact a Marsupial unique to Australia. Koalas can live up to 20 years old.

$480.00    14″ X 11″

Koalas and Ulysses

11429_01-02.tifWhen you visit Cairns there are many places you can actually have your photograph taken hugging a Koala.    This Koala is sitting amongst the eucalyptus flowers and he is looking at the irridecent blue butterfly known as the ulysses which is unique to Cairns and the Far North Queenslands peninsula.