Prince of the tropical garden ‘Frederick’ the white lipped tree frog,  sitting on a red ‘Lady Di’ heliconia flower and stalking a blue dragonfly.  This painting is 16″ X 20″




In the Far North of Queensland in the Rainforest and suburban gardens lives the White Lipped Green Tree Frog. This is the largest tree frog in the world,  growing up to 5.5” long and living for up to 10 years old.  They make a bark sound when they are calling out to their mate or they can meow like a cat when they are in trouble.  This one pictured here I have named ‘Felicity’ sitting on a tropical flower, the Heliconia “Psittacorum” or commonly known as the Parrots Beak Plant.






FrancescaMy home in Cairns is surrounded with a beautiful tropical garden which is also the home of the White Lipped Tree Frogs. They are a pleasure to have about and they give a sense of  tranquility to the garden.  This one I have named ‘Francesca’ and is giving ‘the look’ that sometimes humans give you.  Francesca is sitting on the Heliconia Flower commonly know as the Parrots Beak.






High In North Queensland

To all you serious people out there – this painting is a novelty joke.  Apparentley – Far North Queenslands Atherton Tablelands is where the best Marijuana crops in the world are grown- due to the beautiful soil and climate conditions.
I believe  that you have to paint something that people like, which will turn heads and makes people smile.  Did you??