Red Garden

The Red Garden is a striking artwork with the Red heliconia flowers and black leaves with silver metallic veins to make a statement in the modern home.

Original on Canvas  1050 high X 1800 Wide  SOLD            

Metal Vine #1 & #2

This painting is metallic in appearance: with silver leaves and vines on a black and white background.  This pair of paintings can be hung side by side or vertically as displayed here.

The Blue Garden

The Blue Garden is a diptych pair which features the Beehive Ginger flower with its ridges exaggerated with a modelling compound to give a 3D appearence.  Also the Lipstick palm with the red stalks, the Rostrata heliconia flowers hanging down and 3 red antherium flowers in the foregrounds center.  Bringing the Tropical outdoors into the home with a vibrant blue.  Check out the Beehive Ginger and the Croton painting.