Kookaburras at the Henry Ross Lookout

kookaburras at the Henry Ross 008The Henry Ross Lookout is on the Kuranda range between Cairns and Kuranda. A great view of some of Cairns mountains and looking out over the Great Barrier Reef.  You will also see the Cairns airport , Machans and Holloways Beach, Freshwater, Aeroglen Stratford, the Barron River and the Captain Cook Highway. The Kookaburras and the Ulysses butterfly amongst some pretty weeds in the foreground.  for sale $995

Lazy Sunday

Lazy SundayThis Koala is eating the leaves from the eucalyptus tree but these flowers are  –  harmful to the koalas and only put in the painting for a splash of colour.  Did you know that a Koala is not a Bear, its a Marsupial.  Also,  Koalas have fingerprints the same as humans which makes them one of the most unique creatures on earth.  This little Koala painting is 14″ Wide X 11 ” high and $650.

Maori Wrass and Clown Fish

The Maori Wrass is one of the largest reef fish in the world growing up to 2 metres and living for over 25 years.  The famous Wally” Maori Wrass is found on the The Great Barrier Reef  just out from Cairns, you can swim with him – its a great honour to say the least.

The clown fish are probably one of the most interesting of all the reef fish doing a little wriggling dance around the anemone to become compatible – they use the anemone to protect themselves from their predators.  The clown fish eat the left overs from other reef fish.

Frog on a Rock

The Red Eyed Frog is a local of the East Coast of Australia.  Famous for its handsome features and colourings, I just had to have him in my Gallery of works.

A Day in Paris

Beach Babe

The Paradise Garden

The Paradise Garden comes from the Bird of Paradise flower with exaggerated colours.  This painting has been created with the intent to be a colourful statement on someones wall at home, to perhaps place above a black lounge suite with bright throw cushions and a simple flower arrangement on the side. Well, what about in the lobby of a hotel or a posh office reception. The original is SOLD.  A print on canvas 1800 X 800  is $950.00


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Kingfishers Paradise [inset]

Kingfishers Paradise [inset]