Peace Lillies and Heliconias

peace lillies and heliconias

The Peace lillies and Heliconia Painting is 1800 wide X 1050 high.  This painting brightens a large wall and looks amazing when displayed with red and black cushions arranged on a black or white lounge suite. SOLD






Th Lipsticks‘The Lipsticks’ is a nick name give by the Cairns people to this stunning ‘Sealing Wax Palm’ which can only survive in a Tropical  climate.  It is a slow growing clumping palm which makes a bright statement in our gardens and when grown in a row can make an attractive fence as shown in my painting.  The red stalks glow after the rain or when the sun is going down.  Some locals believe they bring good luck when planted by the entrance of your home.


Red Garden

The Red Garden is a striking artwork with the Red heliconia flowers and black leaves with silver metallic veins to make a statement in the modern home.

Original on Canvas  1050 high X 1800 Wide  SOLD