Tropical Fish

The Coral Trout is the orange fish on the far left.    Bass-lets are the small colorful swarming fish, The Parrot Fish is the multi colored one with the big smiling teeth.  The  Great Barrier Reef just out from Cairns they have named a very friendly parrot fish ‘Gavin’ he loves to have his photo taken with the tourists – He has multi coloured designs all over and could be the prettiest of all reef fish. The Banner Fish and Butterfly Fish are the yellow striped fish, also very beautiful and elegant. One of the most incredible things to do is to swim or snorkel with these beautiful fish in the warm crystal clear waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

Maori Wrass and Clown Fish

The Maori Wrass is one of the largest reef fish in the world growing up to 2 metres and living for over 25 years.  The famous Wally” Maori Wrass is found on the The Great Barrier Reef  just out from Cairns, you can swim with him – its a great honour to say the least.

The clown fish are probably one of the most interesting of all the reef fish doing a little wriggling dance around the anemone to become compatible – they use the anemone to protect themselves from their predators.  The clown fish eat the left overs from other reef fish.