Tropical Queensland Bird Coasters

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Set of 4 Bird coasters in a white box.

The Cassowary

11279_02-04.tifThe Cassowary lives in Far North Queensland rainforests and is the 3rd largest flightless bird in the world.  Descended directly from the dinosaurs about 80 million years ago and receiving its name from Papua New Guinea ‘Kasu’ meaning horned and ‘weri’ meaning head.  This endangered species has less than 1,000 left in the wild and plays a vital role in dispersing seeds in its droppings and supporting the vital echo systems of the rainforests.  Numbers have dropped due to human inhabitants,  dogs, wild pigs, cyclones and vehicle strikes.    The original of this painting is 600 x600mm $1,800.00 and  exhibiting at the Tanks Art Gallery until the 26thApril 2015.  This painting has been reproduced into Limited edition prints, Tea Towels, Placemats , coasters and fridge magnets.