Tropical Queensland Bird Coasters

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Set of 4 Bird coasters in a white box.

Hot Summers Night

The Hot Summer night is 1800mm wide X 800mm high

Original   $1,350.00.


Th Lipsticks‘The Lipsticks’ is a nick name give by the Cairns people to this stunning ‘Sealing Wax Palm’ which can only survive in a Tropical  climate.  It is a slow growing clumping palm which makes a bright statement in our gardens and when grown in a row can make an attractive fence as shown in my painting.  The red stalks glow after the rain or when the sun is going down.  Some locals believe they bring good luck when planted by the entrance of your home.


Beach Babe

The Paradise Garden

The Paradise Garden comes from the Bird of Paradise flower with exaggerated colours.  This painting has been created with the intent to be a colourful statement on someones wall at home, to perhaps place above a black lounge suite with bright throw cushions and a simple flower arrangement on the side. Well, what about in the lobby of a hotel or a posh office reception. The original is SOLD.  A print on canvas 1800 X 800  is $950.00


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Kingfishers Paradise [inset]

Kingfishers Paradise [inset]

Night School

On the Lookout

On the Rainforests Edge just a few kilometers west of Kuranda in Far North Queensland -this Rainbow Lorikeet is visiting this flowering Eucalyptus tree.  He seems to be “On the Lookout” for other birds or perhaps another tree with better berries to forage.
This painting won the Highly Commended award in Mareeba Art Show 2010.

In My Backyard

The flowering trees around Cairns in the springtime is really a pretty site!. Pictured here “In My Backyard”,  the Cassia tree  is often visited by the Rainbow Lorikeet Birds coming to forage nectar and pollen from the pink blossoms.  This is a common sight in and around Cairns and is a birdwatchers paradise.

Cheeky Lorikeet

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a cheeky bird because they come so close to you happily chattering and foraging the flowers in your garden as if youre not there.  This Lorikeet is perched on my Golden Cane Palm in my backyard.  These birds dont eat seeds, but they love pollen and nectar from flowers.  They are always in groups and can be found on the East coast of Australia.  The males can put on a real show for the female and this  behaviour is really the only way you can tell what sex they are.   This painting is in fact sold but I have a few prints on hand.