Breakfast in the Tropics

In World Heritage Rainforest, just a few kilometers west of Cairns
this is the Scaley Breasted Lorikeet pushing his way through the clusters of native Eucalyptus flowers to get the most of his breakfast.

Tropical Holiday

Beneath the umbrella we sat for the shade,
It was so beautiful-I’m glad we stayed.
We swam, snorkelled and lazed in the sun,
we had no idea – this was so much fun.
The water was clear, the fish we could see –
we had a great time – just you and me.
Sipping on cocktails, reading books in the sand,
lovers were out walking – hand in hand.
The coconut palms in the breeze – they would sway
and I’m glad we choose
this holiday.

The Tropical Kiss

The screeching of the beautiful Eclectus Parrots cuts through the silence of the Rainforests and echos for miles across mountain ranges to reach the woody plains and outbacks of Cape York Pennisula.  The Male is the Green Parrot and the Female is the Red.  This pair is perched on the Native Penda tree which is the floral emblem of Cairns.

Eclectus Love

These birds are the ‘Eclectus Parrots’ unique to Far North Queensland, usually found in the Rainforests and Mountain Ranges that stretch across to the woody plains to the borders of the out back.  The male is the green bird and the female the red one. Be sure to check out ‘The Tropical Kiss’ painting also of these handsome birds.