Tropical Bouqet

Tropical FowersHeliconias,gingers and antheriums bring beautiful splashes of colour to the tropical garden.  You will see these around Cairns and  in the Botanical Gardens which always have a diverse and colorful display of each of these species.


The Tropical Duo

Tropical Duo SOLD

Peace Lillies and Heliconias

peace lillies and heliconias

The Peace lillies and Heliconia Painting is 1800 wide X 1050 high.  This painting brightens a large wall and looks amazing when displayed with red and black cushions arranged on a black or white lounge suite. SOLD






Th Lipsticks‘The Lipsticks’ is a nick name give by the Cairns people to this stunning ‘Sealing Wax Palm’ which can only survive in a Tropical  climate.  It is a slow growing clumping palm which makes a bright statement in our gardens and when grown in a row can make an attractive fence as shown in my painting.  The red stalks glow after the rain or when the sun is going down.  Some locals believe they bring good luck when planted by the entrance of your home.


Red Garden

The Red Garden is a striking artwork with the Red heliconia flowers and black leaves with silver metallic veins to make a statement in the modern home.

Original on Canvas  1050 high X 1800 Wide  SOLD            

The Croton

The Croton is a tropical plant and very unique because each leaf is different to the next and almost looks handpainted.  They come in many different designs, shapes and striking colours.  In this painting I have exchanged the green for the blue to suit a particular decor.  If this is your taste then check out ‘The Blue Garden’ and ‘The Beehives’.

The Paradise Garden

The Paradise Garden comes from the Bird of Paradise flower with exaggerated colours.  This painting has been created with the intent to be a colourful statement on someones wall at home, to perhaps place above a black lounge suite with bright throw cushions and a simple flower arrangement on the side. Well, what about in the lobby of a hotel or a posh office reception. The original is SOLD.  A print on canvas 1800 X 800  is $950.00


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Metal Vine #1 & #2

This painting is metallic in appearance: with silver leaves and vines on a black and white background.  This pair of paintings can be hung side by side or vertically as displayed here.

Virginia Creeper

The Virginia creeper is not a Tropical plant, but I chose to paint this for its warm earthly colours to compliment a timber interior.

The Blue Garden

The Blue Garden is a diptych pair which features the Beehive Ginger flower with its ridges exaggerated with a modelling compound to give a 3D appearence.  Also the Lipstick palm with the red stalks, the Rostrata heliconia flowers hanging down and 3 red antherium flowers in the foregrounds center.  Bringing the Tropical outdoors into the home with a vibrant blue.  Check out the Beehive Ginger and the Croton painting.